Twitter Challenge: Maximizing Video Performance

Video is Facebook’s most successful content type. Likewise, Twitter has experienced an engagement uptick for that format. As many as 82 percent of its users view videos with 90 percent watching them from mobile devices. Research shows that branded digital exposure creates 28-percent higher purchase intent than the online standard among Twitter patrons.

Maximizing your campaign’s performance is key for interaction and conversions. The following statistics and tips on which presentation styles resonate on Twitter best will help you tailor your projects to enrich your engagement. When you hire Diamond View Studios for video production in Tampa, our nationally recognized pros can help you achieve that and other crucial marketing goals.

Surveyors Identify Top Strategies

A research partnership between Twitter, Nielsen, and the Dentsu Aegis Network yields a review of the most common elements that the best performing promoted videos share. That team examined various signals including eye movements and survey response gauges to detect critical cues swaying Twitter success.

The most significant findings fall into five categories. While the data focuses on promoted uploads that allow brands to reach targeted and engaged consumers, it also applies to all video content forms that Twitter hosts. These enlightening insights will help you generate better responses on that popular social site.

Humanize first impressions to draw in prospects:
Opening moments of promoted productions that feature people, especially close-ups of faces, have twice the likelihood of fans opting in to continue watching after auto-play’s initial few seconds. Seeing another person’s face intensifies loyalty consistently by connecting viewers to human elements immediately. Eye contact establishes a trustworthy bond that can serve as a compelling draw.

Highlight your offering’s value to boost recall:
Placing a product, service, or business in your prospects’ world and then stressing its utility is a great way to convey your firm or client’s value proposition. Videos clearly demonstrating how products can improve life expand brand affinity by 14 percent and familiarity by 5 percent. A Microsoft spot promoting its Surface 3 tablet gained significant awareness and recall increases with Twitter users.

Structure stories to drive purchasing intent:
Strong storytelling enables fans to relate to your message. Explaining why your company exists builds enduring relationships. Buyers long to become part of broader experiences, feeling more than transactional relationships with providers and suppliers. A Walker Information report stated that consumer experience will be the leading brand differentiator by 2020, overtaking price.

Today’s social networking fans conduct more research than previous generations to understand business offerings better. Storytelling helps them get more from their favorite brands. Videos with obvious story arcs raise purchase intent by 9 percent. To embrace this trend, take viewers on an enthralling narrative adventure with an explicit opening, middle, and satisfying resolution. This plotted approach makes lasting impressions and gains earned ones via Retweets.

Pack entertainment with high energy to engage: Promoted videos that capture the energetic and evocative tones of spots promoting movies and television shows boost interaction. Compelling teaser-style, short-form trailers and commercials encourage viewers to watch feature films and TV programs. Similarly, other industries can use bold entertainment value to build up audience anticipation. This technique works well for product launches, special-occasion promotions, and events.

Align your brand with tastemakers to escalate free publicity:
Videos featuring recognizable influencers or celebrities can push recall 14 percent over the norm and lift sharing intent 6 percent. Forming brand context via visual and/or audio means reinforces the coveted luminary/corporate image connection. Using famous tastemakers along with their extensive followers to elevate your message can multiply your views and spread your story’s reach.


Social Platform Offers More Best Practices

Be mobile friendly:
Since Twitter users watch most promoted videos via mobile devices, the social site advises matching that technology’s screen sizes and requirements to improve your engagement.

Start strong:
Communicate your main message in the opening 15 seconds. Tell viewers what action to perform and how they can accomplish it.

Keep your length short:
Using the full 10-minute Twitter maximum for your video can be too much. If it drags on a long time, you may lose prospects.

Emphasize reasons to enjoy your video:
Posting a Tweet for your spot will inspire people to interact with it. Your message needs to include a compelling call to action that tempts your audience to play your video.

Attention Grabbers

Emotion: Reaching prospects on emotional levels encourages them to care about the production’s people and message. They share videos that establish personal connections at higher rates than ones just presenting facts.

Entertainment value: Like all enjoyable stories, winning video scripts should dispense amusement, delight, or surprise. Experts don’t give everything away from the start. Hinting that something significant is coming up entices observers to linger.

As suspenseful stories unfold, fans wonder what will happen next. That stops them from giving up too soon. Then, pros deliver crucial information straightforwardly.

Focal points: Like memorable movie lines, professionals highlight striking video aspects to capture audience attention. Stirring scenes, colorful animations, and dazzling special effects can hold even indecisive observers’ gazes. Reinforcing key points by repeating them differently such as with illustrations makes them more memorable.

Conversions: Engaging, relatable, and moving scripts encourage viewers to continue watching through the ending’s call to action. So everything leading up to the website link must keep prospects watching to raise conversion rates.

Writing Mechanics

Word choices: Audiences connect with strong verbs and active voice (subject/verb/object) better than passive or inactive voice. Subjects outshine adjectives, and verbs trump adverbs. Specific, well-known words are more effective than general terms and unfamiliar jargon.

Descriptive and colorful words must be easy to pronounce and recognize. Experts tweak copy to sound and appear natural when announcers, actors, and/or company representatives deliver it.

Succinctness: Run-on sentences and complex thoughts are tricky for talent to articulate. Because wordiness obscures meanings, it’s hard for listeners to discern. Scripts overflowing with excess details lose bewildered and frustrated viewers. People can’t absorb such information overloads all at once.

Solutions? Facts must be tight. Eliminating every unnecessary word and phrase is essential. Scripts should be so crisp that they crackle.

Punctuation: Making narration sound conversational involves amending standard punctuation rules. Because people use incomplete sentences in everyday conversations, so do most scripts. Extra commas provide phrasing clues, and ellipses (…) indicate deliberate pauses.

Although such practices disregard formal composition style in favor of common usage, clarity is the goal of scriptwriting. That entails making narration easy for talent to announce and listeners to understand.

Final polish: Reading copy aloud helps writers notice and correct lengthy sentences, awkward and tongue-twisting phrases, and expressions with multiple interpretations. They revise whatever sounds overly proper, improper, or robotic for their intended tones and messages. What results are tight, ready-to-shoot scripts.

Professional Production

At Diamond View Studios, our clever team injects imagination and audience appeal into every video production step revolving around our killer scripts. We are award-winning experts at communicating information clearly in enlightening and entertaining ways that demand notice and charm viewers.